Lorraine's exercise plan - Day 37

Week Six Resistance - Day 1

Hold Squat x 20 Seconds

Lying Leg Hold x 20 Seconds

1/2 Squat x 15

Static Lunge x 15 (on each leg)

Press Ups x 10

Hand Walk Plank x 5

Repeat 3 Times

Food & Recipes - Day 37

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Main Meal of the Day
Vegetarian Option
Snacks & Extras

Fish & Chips

Makes: 2
(Approx 550 kcal per serving)

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The Ingredients

200g potato, scrubbed 

2 tablespoons rapeseed oil

25g plain flour 

1 egg

2 tablespoons low fat milk (1.5% fat)

30g fresh white breadcrumbs 

30g porridge oats

250g boneless cod fillets, skinned

100g salad leaves (mixture of watercress, rocket & spinach)

7 cherry tomatoes

1 teaspoon snipped fresh chives 

2 tablespoons natural yoghurt 

1 tsp sweet chilli sauce

salt (optional) and freshly ground black pepper

The Method

Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F), gas mark 6. Cut the potatoes into chips. Place in a pan of boiling water with a pinch of salt (optional) and cook for 2 minutes until almost tender but still holding their shape. Arrange on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and drizzle with half of the oil, tossing to coat evenly. Season lightly with salt (optional) and put in the top shelf of the oven. Roast for about 25 minutes until cooked through and golden brown, turning halfway through to ensure that they cook evenly.

Meanwhile, put the flour into a shallow dish and season lightly with salt (optional) and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Break the egg into a bowl and add the milk, season with salt (optional) and pepper then beat to combine with a fork. Mix the breadcrumbs and oats in a separate bowl and line the three bowls up alongside each other with an empty plate ready for the coated cod. 

Using a small sharp knife or scissors, cut the fish into strips. In small batches of 2-3 pieces toss the cod strips in the flour and toss to coat, shaking off any excess. Dip in the beaten egg mixture and then roll in the breadcrumbs. Put on the plate while you finish off the remainder.

Arrange the goujons on a separate baking sheet lined with parchment paper and drizzle over the remaining oil on the goujons, turning them over to ensure they are all evenly coated. Season lightly with salt (optional). Place in the oven and cook for 10 minutes until cooked through and tender. Test with a sharp knife to ensure they are cooked.

Arrange the goujons on plates with the potato wedges and arrange the watercress with cherry tomatoes that you’ve cut in half alongside and scattered with the chives. Put the yoghurt into small dishes or straight on to the pates and drizzle with half the chilli sauce to serve.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Serves: 2
(Approx 560 kcal per serving)

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The Ingredients

120g wholewheat penne or fusilli pasta

1 tablespoon rapeseed oil 

1 garlic clove

200g mushrooms 

225ml reduced sodium vegetable stock (made from ½ a cube)

good pinch of Italian seasoning 

½ lemon

125g light cream cheese (such as Philadelphia)

125g baby spinach leaves

salt (optional) and freshly ground black pepper

The Method

Cook the pasta in a pan of boiling water with a pinch of salt (optional) for 10-12 minutes or until tender.

Trim a garlic clove and peel off the skin, then crush to a paste using a garlic crusher. Trim and slice the mushrooms.

Heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Add the rapeseed oil and swirl it around. Add the garlic and stir-fry for 10 seconds. Add the mushrooms and stir-fry for a minute. Season lightly with salt (optional) and freshly ground black pepper and continue to stir-fry for another 5 minutes or until the mushrooms are tender.

Pour the vegetable stock into the mushroom mixture and allow to bubble down to reduce by half and add the oregano. Squeeze in the lemon juice and add the light cream cheese, stirring to combine. Add the spinach leaves, fistfuls at a time, stirring until all wilted. 

Drain the pasta and add to the mushroom mixture, stirring to combine. Divide the creamy mushroom pasta between bowls to serve.

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