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Berry and Chai Seed Smoothie

Posted: 3 January 2019

Makes 1 - (Each serving contains approx 230 kcal)

Berry and Chai Seed Smoothie
The Ingredients

125g frozen or fresh berries (use a mixture or one type)

1 mandarin (or 70g tinned in own juice which has been drained)

2 small carrots

10g baby spinach leaves

60g Greek style natural yoghurt  (3% fat)

90ml almond milk (6 tablespoon)

2 teaspoons chai seeds (10g)

large handful of ice cubes

The Method

If using frozen berries FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) now recommends to boil them first in a saucepan of boiling water for 1 minute before draining and using. Then put them into a NutriBullet or similar blender (liquidizer). If you are using fresh berries then there is no need to cook them first.


If using a fresh mandarin peel off the skin and separate into segments. Add the mandarin to the berries.


Peel the carrots and roughly chop – you’ll need 80g in total and add to the fruit with the spinach, yoghurt, almond milk and chai seeds. Add the ice and blend in bursts until smooth. Pour into a tall glass to serve.


Prepare Ahead

Layer up vegetables and fruit in goblet of your blender and then add in the ice along with almond milk just before blending.

*Suitable for vegetarians.