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Salmon & Egg Salad with Capers

Posted: 5 January 2021

Makes 1 - (Each serving contains approx 370 kcal)

Salmon & Egg Salad with Capers
The Ingredients

1 large egg

25g baby spinach leaves

25g butterhead lettuce leaves

100g cooked salmon (use shop-bought or salmon from Jeeny’s dinner recipe -Asian Glazed Salmon & Broccoli RIce)

6 cherry tomatoes

1 tablespoon rinsed capers (15g)

The Method

Bring a pan of water to the boil over a medium heat. Gently lower in the egg into the water and cook for 8 minutes. Remove and run under cold water to cool, then crack off the shell and cut in half.

Put the spinach and butterhead lettuce leaves into a bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and scatter on top. Break the salmon into small pieces and arrange on the salad. Sprinkle over the capers and season lightly with salt (optional) and plenty of freshly ground black pepper to serve.