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Tomato “Pizza” Stack

Posted: 3 January 2019

Serves 1 - (Each serving contains approx 400 kcal)

Tomato “Pizza” Stack
The Ingredients

2 ripe tomatoes

125g ball mozzarella

pinch of dried oregano or good pinch fresh oregano leaves, torn

handful of rocket leaves

¼ tsp balsamic vinegar (1.25g)

½ tsp olive oil (2.5g – extra-virgin for a stronger flavour)

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

The Method

The Method


Using a small sharp serrated knife, cut the tomatoes into slices, discarding the ends and then season lightly with salt, if using and plenty of black pepper. Sprinkle over the oregano. Cut the mozzarella into similar sized slices as the tomatoes.


Arrange a slice of the seasoned tomato on a plate and place a slice of mozzarella on top. Continue layering in this way until all of the ingredients have been used up. Scatter the rocket around the edges of the plate and drizzle over the balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Serve at once.


Prepare Ahead


Pack a sharp serrated knife with the tomatoes and packet of mozzarella in an airtight container with sachets of salt and pepper and a little oregano if using. Bring a knife and fork to eat if transporting.


Weekend Lunch

If you are looking for something a little more special for lunch at the weekend this might be just the recipe! It can also be easily scaled up if you are serving more than one.