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FAQ – Food

Posted: 18 January 2019

How does the plan work, and how many snacks can I have?

Everyday you should eat 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 main meal and 2 snacks. For main meals we have a different meal for the first 28 days of the plan, for the remaining days you can repeat the meals in order or choose your own order depending on meals you liked.

For breakfast you can choose any of the 6 breakfast options, for lunch you can choose any of the 6 lunch options and same goes for the snack options - so there's plenty of variety there for everyone!

I don't eat fish/certain foods, can I still follow the plan?

With regard to the meal plans, don't worry, everyone has food which they can't eat (or don't want to eat.) Our suggestion would be to repeat one of the other recipes on the plan which you enjoyed. Each meal is nutritionally balanced, so it won't affect your progress. There is a huge selection of meals to suit all tastes, so there will be plenty of meals which you will want to try again!

Can I use dairy free alternatives if I’m following the plan?

You can use dairy free alternatives such as soy milk, rice milk, oat milk etc in place of cow’s milk. 

I have to cook for four people, can I just double the recipe ingredients?

Yes, you can!

I spend a lot of time in my car. Would you have any suggestions for how to follow the meal plan?

Sometimes it works well to swap breakfast and snacks first thing in morning.  So pick any of the snack options that are quick for first thing and then have breakfast during first break at work, for instance.

Make the meal plan work for you!

What kind of butter is used in the recipes?

It’s real butter!

I am pregnant, can I still follow the plan?

It's always best to consult with your GP before taking on any diet regime.

Can I follow the plan if I’ve recently had a baby?

We would recommend signing this off with your doctor before starting either the food or the fitness plan.

Are the menus suitable for people with diabetes? 

Yes but if you are injecting with insulin you will need to discuss with your diabetes nurse.  Make sure to keep a close monitor of your blood sugars as you make changes and if you notice your blood sugar dropping too low discuss with your GP about changing amount of medication.