How to follow the fitness plan

Posted: 9 January 2018

To follow the plan, it couldn’t be simpler. 

The operation transformation plan is designed to improve your health and wellness via eating healthier , moving more and measuring your health.

1) Follow a leader that is a similar body type to yourself 

2) In terms of the exercise plan, this year we have 5 key exercises that everyone in Ireland should be able to do. Each week, the workout is varied, by changing the style of the workout. From reps to timed. It progresses in terms of toughness each week and will help you improve your fitness, strength and wellness.

3) To accompany this, there is a couch to 5k plan for walkers and runners alike. 

The operation transformation exercise plan is built to adhere to the government recommendation of 180 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. This is the national guideline for adults and we are going to help you achieve that . 

It is important to note, take the plan at your own pace. If it feels too hard, adjust it to suit your fitness level. You may be sore afterwards for 24-48 hours, this is normal but if the body doesn’t recover sufficiently then take an extra rest day. 

Above all, the OT exercise plan is a celebration of health and wellness and helping you to become fit, active and well