How to follow the fitness plan

Posted: December 22, 2016

Getting Started: Fitness Plan

The Operation Transformation Series 10 Fitness Plan is a mixture of cardio and resistance training coupled with a rest day. This year we are also including Flex Friday into the plan which will involve 20 minutes of a variation of stretches following your resistance workout every Friday. Stretching is a great way to improve mobility and is really important. The only gear you’ll need are some water bottles for weights, a chair, a pair of runners and a waterproof jacket for those rainy days.

This year we want you to measure your fitness. There are three elements you need to measure.

  1. Your resting heart rate.
  2. Waist size
  3. Weight

The goal is to keep getting this numbers lower and lower to the healthy range.

Remember you should always consult your GP before engaging in any new fitness plan.

Video 1: How to follow the OT Fitness Plan

Video 2: What to do if you get injured

Video 3: How to make your OT workouts harder