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The Leaders

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Kathleen Hurley Mullins

Fifty year old Kathleen Hurley Mullins is a beautician, salon owner and farmer from Co Cork. She lives with her husband Tony and their two children on their farm in Carrignavar.

The last year has been a difficult for Kathleen and her family. In December 2020 her sister became unwell and passed away suddenly. It was discovered that she had undiagnosed ovarian cancer. Losing her sister has been the hardest experience of Kathleen’s life.

Shortly after, Kathleen was assessed for ovarian cancer and doctors found a benign cyst. In May 2021 she had the cyst and her ovaries removed and she immediately went into surgical menopause. Kathleen wants to do something positive for herself in 2022, to get healthy and well in body and mind.

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Leader Name

Stefano Sweetman

Stefano Sweetman is a 32 year old hairdresser living in Clonmel in Co Tipperary with his husband Gerard.

Since the arrival of Covid in March 2020, Stefano has been in and out of work as lockdowns have come and gone. When he wasn’t working in early 2020 he found he was eating well and walking daily. Since he’s gone back to work he feels he isn’t looking after himself and can feel his weight creeping up. These feelings are affecting his confidence on a daily basis. He’s tired of constantly worrying about what clothes to wear that makes him feel comfortable before leaving the house.

Stefano has been a smoker since he was 13. He feels it is starting to affect his health and he wants to cut back and give up them up while he’s still young. Stefano knows this won’t be easy but he’s determined to kick the habit with expert guidance. Stefano wants to find that inner happiness and outer joy that’s been missing and transform into a new phase of his life.

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Leader Name

Sarah O’Connor Ryan

Sarah O’Connor Ryan is 38 and married to Padraig. They live in Ballina, county Tipperary with their four children.

Running a busy house she strives to always do the right thing for her children and family. But putting everyone else first Sarah is struggling to find time to look after herself. She has lost her zest and can’t get motivated to go out walking or running like she use to. She thinks she’s a terrible cook and needs the skills and the knowledge to bring wellness into her life.

Sarah is a professional singer. Pre-pandemic she had been singing and gigging regularly in bands. Music is her passion. As lockdowns continued she found her confidence and love of performing started to disappear. She has become conscious of her appearance and doesn’t want to be in front of an audience wondering what people are thinking of her.

Sarah feels she has tried everything to bring better health and wellbeing into her life. She wants the experts to guide her back to being confident and full energy.

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Leader Name

John Ryan

John Ryan is a 49 year old truck driver from Ballyraggert, Co Kilkenny. John is married to Selena and they have three children.

A lifelong U2 fan, John is a self-proclaimed workaholic. He loves his job but the sedentary nature of it means John spends many hours not moving. He has been active in the past and thinks now the time to find his fitness again.

John is not a cook. His wife Selena says he couldn’t boil an egg. He knows he has to change his food choices to healthier ones and is ready to learn new skills and routines. John feels now is the time to change his lifestyle and look after his health before he turns 50.

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Leader Name

Katie Jones

Katie Jones is a 24 year retail assistant living in Swords, Co Dublin with her partner Michael and their 18 month old son Joshua. This year’s youngest leader, Katie wants to be a healthy energetic Mum who lives life to the full.

Expecting her first baby during Covid wasn’t easy for Katie. She had a difficult birth which saw her having to get a blood transfusion afterwards. Experiencing high blood pressure since, Katie wants to see if improvements in her health and well-being can help reduce or get her off the blood pressure medication.

For Katie transformation will see her finding herself again and making good healthy choices for her and her young family.

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