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Felicity Moroney

Felicity (30) works as an Interior Designer for Ventura Design. She is originally from Tipperary but now lives in Artane, Dublin with her partner Des and their 8-month-old daughter Lauren.

Felicity loves fashion but due to her weight she dresses for comfort and in clothes that simply fit, rather than wearing clothes that she actually likes. Especially with the weight she gained after having her daughter, she now finds it impossible to find clothes.

Felicity wants to change her relationship with food for herself, but also so that her daughter doesn’t follow her example. If she was chosen to be a leader on Operation Transformation, she wants to lead the country by example.

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Leader Name

David Cryan

David (38) is a Community Sergeant in an Garda Síochána, and is based in the Bridewell Garda Station in Dublin city centre. He lives with his wife Siobhán (37) and their two children Dylan (5) and Zoe (3) in Lucan but he is originally from Tulsk, Co Roscommon.

David and Siobhán have two children, but David calls their daughter Zoe “a very special girl”. Zoe was born prematurely at 24 weeks weighing only 540 grams. Siobhán is Zoe’s full-time carer as she has cerebral palsy, chronic lung diesese and has to be fed through a tube.

He wants to show his colleagues that if he can lose the weight and get fit, they can too. David wants a better quality of life with his family and as Zoe gets more active he wants to be able to keep up with her and also spend more time with their son Dylan.

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Mary Diamond

Mary (52) lives with her husband Joe and their 3 sons Gary (26), Robbie (24) and Paul (16) in Kiltimagh Co. Mayo. She owns a Montessori school that is located at the back of her house and she also works there part-time.

Her eldest son Gary is one of Mary’s main motivation for applying for Operation Transformation. Gary has Down Syndrome, and Mary feels that Gary has put up weight over the last year. She wants to be the best mother that she can be for Gary.

Over the last decade she has grown to have a crazy relationship with food where she would eat everything, for every occasion. Mary also worries that if she doesn’t do something about her own weight she won’t be around to care for Gary when he needs her when he’s older.

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Wayne O’Donnell

Only child Wayne (28) lives at home with his parents, Ann and Liam, in Mallow, Co. Cork. He has only recently returned to work after getting a job as a youth worker with Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services (CDYS) in Mallow. He has never lived away from home and his mother takes very good care of him, making his bed, washing his clothes and cooking his meals.

Wayne has always played sport but has experienced a number of injuries along the way. The most recent and worse of these was a broken elbow during a soccer match in April 2016. It took four surgeries to repair and kept him home and out of work for over a year. At one point, he thought he might lose his hand. This time period saw Wayne gain weight with excessive eating and drinking. He describes this period as the lowest of his life.

Wayne worries about how his weight will affect him in the long term with his family history of chest problems, but has decided that with starting his new job it’s time to start a new life.

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Leader Name

Sarah O’Callaghan

Sarah (27) works in administration in a social welfare office in Cavan. She lives with her husband Gary and their daughter Amelia (4) in Ballinagh, Co. Cavan but she is originally from Blanchardstown in Dublin.

In May 2015 Sarah discovered a lump in her left breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer, this was a total shock to herself and Gary who was with her. Spending a lot of time in the hospital led to a lot of takeaways and convenient food for Sarah. The habit continued once her treatment finished. She has now put on more than 2 and a half stone and feels very uncomfortable in her skin.

Now that Sarah’s been given a clean bill of health she would love to get back to her old self. She has tried to go back doing circuits with her parents but when she pushed herself too hard she got lymphedema in her left arm (swelling). This was then used as an excuse to stop exercising. She is ready to stop making excuses and put the cancer and weight issues behind her. She wants to be a good role model for her daughter and just be healthy and happy.

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